Throughout history, art has had the ability to arouse the imagination and capture consumer's attention. Therefore, it is not surprising that industrial designs of the most immediate daily life articles were strongly influenced by fine arts discipline. Furniture is not an exception by any means. Several cases can be quoted, such as what happened in the first part of the 20th century with the onset of Modern Furniture: Several art schools influenced furniture design teaching both the fine arts and crafts or even the influence of Pop Art on furniture design during the 60s was so obvious that it is surprising to find the term, Pop Furniture never mentioned before in history.

Nowadays, the capacity of people with background in art to design creative products is fully evidenced. However, several experiences have evidenced several skills mismatches in this field due to the onset of some problems during the design process.


On the other hand, the other way around happens with designers and manufactures: in spite of being able to design products with no problems for its manufacturing, these do not always claim customers attention because their designs are not so creative and even sometimes they do not comply with any specification in terms of safety or durability.

ARTURE COMPLETE COURSE contains all the lessons developed under the framework of this project: The learning content of the ARTURE will be divided in 3 main learning pillars:
  1. Basic concepts of applied arts for aesthetic products design
  2. Manufacturing processes and Techniques of Furniture.
  3. Specifications and Standards for Furniture Products

If you don't want to miss any content related to ART, FURNITURE, DESIGN & MANUFACTURING. This is your course!

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