First Pillar of ARTURE project.

Developing of materials related key topics like: How to study and understand applied arts (historic and contemporary). How do artists and designers create artifacts (case studies and practitioners) Creating an art and design brief. What are the different ways of doing art based research. Understanding Art and Design research methods; literature, practice based outputs, designing research questions, studying art based approaches to investigation, evaluation methods, dissemination and impact.

The aim of this pillar is to provide to the student to the enough knowledge of applied arts that will allow him to undertake  aesthetic designs of several range of product like furniture. For that, this pillar is the base of the ARTURE training course and should be valid for be used in other similar training courses focused in other manufacturing products like hand crafts, lighting sector, ceramics, shoes, etc

You will learn topics such as:

  • Art and design research methods
  • Tools and techniques to develop the creativity in product design
  • History of the furniture design in XX century
  • Aesthetic
  • Artifats  - Case of studies
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